We are a social organization made up of tourism providers and people who value good tourism. We promote in San Rafael the articulation between society and the Institution for the development of the municipality as a nature destination, framed in principles of solidarity, equity and permanent qualification.


Position ourselves as an example of organization, sustainability and protection of the environmental environment. To be qualified, articulated, and economically viable tourism actors. To be a tourist destination of nature highly strengthened and recognized at the regional, national and international level.


The training and permanent qualification for our associates in issues of quality tourism and sustainability.

Organization of the TRANSFORMING TOURISM seminar based in San Rafael - Antioquia (7 versions to 2019).

Design and development of the seal of trust in sustainable tourism for our associates.

The promotion and consolidation of San Rafael as a Nature destination, recognizing that we owe it to its care and that we must take care of it and guarantee its permanence.

The creation of collective business units: the Café de la Red and the San Rafael tour, functional and sustainable.

Institutional coordination and the establishment of regional alliances to promote the destiny of Antioquia.

Make San Rafael known as a unique bird-watching destination in Oriente Antioqueño. Linking peasants and youth of the town so that it is the inhabitants themselves who guide and accompany the visitors to know these winged beauties.


Meet our Board of Directors, leaders of La Red

Lorena Duque


Dedicated to social management for the conservation of nature Co-founder of the Zafra Nature Reserve. Leader in participatory planning processes in the region.

Martha Rojas

Vice President

Professional in agricultural business administration and local development, diligent, purposeful, meticulous and curious woman who works in the tourism sector. lived lover of peace, dignity and work with communities.

Rosario Álvarez


Great friend of nature, in love with pets, promoter of sustainable tourism and wellness tourism.

Mateo Castaño


Rural youth, enthusiastic about bird watching and organic agriculture, a member of processes for the transformation of the territory and a lover of tourism as a conservation strategy.

Claudia Arboleda


Community and nature tourism entrepreneur, owner of Raíces Ecolodge, communicator for conservation and development.